Builten is a collaborative design firm founded by IIT Roorkee alums, that focuses on Interiors, Architecture, BIM, Furniture, Product & Management. We strongly believes that design is a symphony of aesthetics, function and form. With each project the firm strives to not just embrace but challenge traditional methodologies of design and built typology and reinterprets traditional architecture and interiors in the contemporary contextual fabric of modern India.

We believe in looking at a building or a space not merely as an egoistic monument but rather as a place making tool embedded in the urban fabric and responsive to the public realm. The firm has designed projects of various scales ranging from residential to institutional architecture, F&B to commercial and retail interiors , urban design to master planning schemes, BIM Design to project management.

Our Approach

Our human-centric approach to workplace and F&B design can positively impact employee/customer well-being and motivation, which in turn drive business performance. But how do we continue to innovate to be some of the world’s most innovative deisgn companies?

Today, we design the physical, social and digital architecture of the living spaces. We look at how people interact with their work settings, their surroundings and design for the behaviours that will help them innovate, help them feel united and joyful. They need the power of the digital and technical environment too, so we integrate those tools within the fabric of their living environment thru our designs.

Our Principles

There are three simple principles that we live by:


It’s more than integration. It’s about boldly working together for a common goal. It’s about respecting and trusting each other, while solving problems through the power of a multidisciplinary approach. Our left & right brains are perfectly in sync as we connect the dots for our clients.


We bring our A-game every time, looking at every problem as a chance to innovate and improve. There is no one size fits all solution around here. We aren’t afraid to try something new and fail. To learn from our mistakes, get back up and keep trying. If there’s a new and better way to do it we’ll find it.


We care about the people around us. From our clients and associates, to our community and the consumer, we take the time to understand what makes people motivated and fulfilled.

Our central idea is that every client has a story and that a work environment is a great vehicle for telling it. When we’re doing our initial programming on a project, we get all the basics—the headcounts, the distances, the adjacencies and so on—but we also want to know how this company got rolling, who the people are, what they like to do.

We think of this process as good design—and we apply it to every service we offer: Commercial, F&B and Retail interiors, Residential architecture & interiors, BIM Design & Consultancy. We’re excited about what’s happening in the design world—and thrilled to be a part of setting the agenda.

We have relevant project experience across India majorly in Northern Region along with international exposure in Mauritius. Having designed over half a million sq. feet of space and working with a diversified set of clients, we have developed a unique client-centric approach, that creates and delivers technologically advanced, user friendly and sustainable designed and managed spaces which are aesthetically and functionally ready for the future.

We use Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Cloud based platforms as an integrated process in each part of our design and execution process and every project is manned by qualified professionals resulting in exploring best possible designs and execution of projects to the optimum satisfaction of our clients with a very high sense of time and cost efficiency.


    Our vision is to cater to all typologies, functionalities of Architectural or Interior projects spanning over India and abroad with our team specialised in handling off-shore projects.


    Our mission is to create, learn and innovate through our design projects with time and provide the clients with utmost satisfaction for the project’s functionality as well as aesthetics.


Siddharth Agrawal
Founder | Architect | BIM Consultant

Akash Garg
Co-founder | Architect | Designer

Ashok Tyagi
Associate | MEP Head

Murtaza Mohammadi
Architect | Sustainability Consultant

Vineet Vinay
Architect | 3D Modeller

Shivam Manjhi
Intern Architect | 3D Modeller

Shobhit Sharma
Intern Architect | Interior Designer

"We don’t just make things beautiful.

We make them work great as well."